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Testing Equipment
Testing Equipment
Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

Equipment Dissolving furnace 3 tons of electric furnace 2 sets
Mixer 15 tons of sand mixer 2, 8 tons of sand mixer
Molding machine 15 tons / hour resin sand production line one
Shot shot Electric angle grinder, pneumatic angle grinder, single hook shot blasting machine, manual shot blasting machine
crane 20 tons 2 sets, 16 tons 2 sets, 10 tons 3 sets, 5 tons 2 sets, 3 tons 4 sets
Heat treatment furnace 20 tons annealing furnace a set
Processing Equipment  
Oil and gas equipment Spray gun
Testing Equipment Composition determination Germany Spike direct reading spectrometer, carbon silicon analyzer
Hardness Testing Brinell hardness tester
Metallographic examination Inverted metallographic microscope
Tensile determination Universal testing machine
Temperature measurement Hot metal thermometer
Dimensional inspection Caliper
Testing equipment  
Other devices  
Production equipment
Production equipment
Production equipment
Production equipment

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Production equipment

Enterprise was founded in 2007, formerly known as Jiashan Weihong foundry. Covers an area of 25 acres. Plant area of about 10,000 square meters, the factory in 2013 began a comprehensive technological upgrading ..


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